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The Tiffin Food Court

Foodies, don't miss out on this three-weekend long food fiesta with 30 exciting food and beverage brands to try.

by / Published: 8 Dec 2017

The Tiffin Food Court
Photo: Tiffin

UPDATE: The Tiffin Food Court is postponed until further notice. Please see the full release here.

The Tiffin Food Court opens its doors to the public on weekends from 8-24 December! Over 30 food and beverage brands will set up shop to serve their specially curated offerings in the heart of Petaling Jaya, running from 5pm onwards till late.

It’s an excellent one-stop centre to sample the wares of both longstanding Malaysian favourites and up-and-coming F&B brands alike, some of which only exist as food trucks or pop-ups otherwise.

Some vendors are only coming in on particular weekends, so check the full schedule to see who’ll be where when. We’re excited for the Darren Teoh (of Dewakan) x Christian Recomio (of Sitka) collaboration!

While Malaysian favourites dominate most menus, visitors will also get to sample international cuisine from Afghanistan, China, Spain, Mexico, Vietnam and more. Click here to see what we recommend eating at the Tiffin Food Court!

Pair your food with some of Tiger's 'Street Beers', unveiled for the first time and featuring Asian ingredient infusions (think coconut, lemongrass, chilli and mint) into your classic Tiger beer. Otherwise, head up to the Mezzanine Bar and taste creative concoctions by the team behind Coley.

Photo: Tiffin

Entry is free, but if you want to buy any food and drink, the payments are all cashless. You register for a wristband with an RFID tag at the entrance (or pre-load here for extra convenience) and top it up with cash and credit cards at the kiosks or via the Boost app’s e-wallet. The upside of registering with the app is that you can refund any balance from your wrist tag into your Boost e-wallet.

Don’t want to join the queues? Get your food and drink delivered to you instead at special tables with the UberEATS logo. You can place your order on the app with any brands that are partnered with UberEATS and your food will arrive at your table! Special promo codes will be given with every order.

Besides eating and drinking, there’s plenty to do at the Tiffin Food Court as well – there’s a red room with pool tables, a games arcade (pinball, anyone?) and an upstairs bar covered in foliage to just chill out. Make sure you explore all the rooms as you might miss some great food vendors in the different rooms otherwise.

Parking can be tricky so Uber to the location with the code TIFFINUBEREATS and get RM8 off your journey to and from the Tiffin Food Court. Happy eating!


Address: Lot No.1 Jalan SS8/6, Sungai Way Free Trade Industrial Zone, PJ