Great Flight Deals This September

Fly to Europe and back for under RM3,000 and other fantastic deals.

by / Published: 20 Sep 2017

Great Flight Deals This September
Photo: KLM Royal Dutch Airlines/Facebook

KL is a hub of aviation in Asia. Malaysians love their discounts. Combine the two together and what you get are some really exciting travel deals worth checking out.   

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines

BOOK BY: 29 September

From now till 29 September, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines is offering Dream Deals promotional fares on flights from Kuala Lumpur to various European and American destinations between 1 November 2017 to 30 June 2018.

The KLM Dream Deals include return Economy tickets for the following flights:
Kuala Lumpur – Paris: RM2,259 
Kuala Lumpur – London: RM2,575
Kuala Lumpur – Venice: RM2,661
Kuala Lumpur – Prague: RM2,660 
Kuala Lumpur – Stockholm: RM2,959
Kuala Lumpur – Geneva: RM2,759
Kuala Lumpur – Amsterdam: RM3,261
Kuala Lumpur – Toronto: RM4,742
Kuala Lumpur – New York: RM4239
Kuala Lumpur – Rio de Janeiro: RM6140

Business Class travellers can also enjoy all-in return fares from KL to Europe from RM10,880 when they book tickets by 29 September 2017. 

Photo: Cathay Pacific

Cathay Pacific Airlines  

BOOK BY: 30 September

Planning a fun family trip to Hong Kong soon? Cathay Pacific has a range of great offers from now till 30 June 2018, most notably including Economy roundtrip fares to Hong Kong from RM748 per head when you book from now till 30 September. 

Keep these other round-trip offers in mind for flights in October and November 2017:
Kuala Lumpur – Taipei: RM982 
Kuala Lumpur – Shanghai: RM1,412
Kuala Lumpur – Seoul: RM1,664
Kuala Lumpur – Beijing: RM1,412
Kuala Lumpur – Osaka: RM1,830
Kuala Lumpur – London: RM4,411
Penang – Shanghai: RM1,181
Penang – Hong Kong: RM919
Penang – Taipei: RM1,098
Penang – Seoul: RM1,543 (September 2017)
Penang – San Francisco: RM4,858 

Photo: Qatar Airways/Facebook

Qatar Airways 

BOOK BY: 21 September

With Qatar AirwaysGlobal Travel Boutique deals, you can catch Economy and Business/First Class flights from KL to more than 150 destinations around the world from RM2,199 and RM9,659 respectively if you book your tickets by 21 September. 

Other one-way Economy class flights are from: 
Kuala Lumpur – Istanbul: RM2,141 
Kuala Lumpur – Paris: RM2,390
Kuala Lumpur – Amsterdam: RM2,473
Kuala Lumpur – Frankfurt: RM2,599
Kuala Lumpur – London: RM2,740
Kuala Lumpur – Rome: RM2,812
Kuala Lumpur – Prague: RM3,282

Photo: Singapore Airlines

Singapore Airlines

BOOK BY: 24 September

With the Great Singapore Airlines Getaway promotion, book your flight tickets from now till 24 September for travel to Asian and African destinations from 1 October 2017 to 31 March 2018 (flights to Kuching are only from 1 October 2017 to 27 October 2017).

The travel period to European, American and Australasia destinations is from 19 February 2018 to 31 June 2018.
Economy class roundtrips are from:     
Kuala Lumpur – Manila: RM878 
Kuala Lumpur – Hong Kong: RM888
Kuala Lumpur – Shanghai: RM1,388
Kuala Lumpur – Mumbai: RM1,508
Kuala Lumpur – Perth: RM1,328

Photo: Malaysia Airlines/Facebook

Malaysia Airlines

BOOK BY: 30 September

Book your tickets with Malaysia Airlines from now till 30 September for Economy class roundtrip flights to various destinations, applicable for flights from now up to 31 December 2017. 

The Economy class roundtrips are from: 
Kuala Lumpur – Hong Kong: RM804 
Kuala Lumpur – Singapore: RM369
Kuala Lumpur – Bangkok: RM439
Kuala Lumpur – Surabaya: RM489
Kuala Lumpur – London-Heathrow: RM2,989
Kuala Lumpur – Melbourne: RM1,879
Kuala Lumpur – Perth: RM1,149