An Interview with Alois Hofbauer

Alois Hofbauer, Region Head of Nestlé Malaysia/Singapore and Managing Director of Nestlé (Malaysia) Berhad, talks about the commonalities across the region and what makes TalentCorp unique

by / Published: 28 Apr 2014

An Interview with Alois Hofbauer

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Having spent over 20 years with Nestle in Asia, Alois Hofbauer, Region Head of Nestlé Malaysia/Singapore and Managing Director of Nestlé (Malaysia) Berhad, talks about the commonalities across the region and what makes TalentCorp unique.

Even though I started my career with Nestle in Austria 24 years ago, I’ve actually spent 20 years of my professional life in Asia. My first posting was in Hong Kong, but I was eventually moved to Tianjin and Beijing in China, as well as Taipei. 
In 2010, I was transferred to the other side of Asia: Sri Lanka. Having been in so many different places across the region, I see more commonalities between the nations instead of differences. Have you heard of that famous song, ‘Yesterday Once More’?
It relays a sense of nostalgia that the world used to be a better place in the past, which I think is a prevalent feeling in many European markets. In Asia, however, the focus is on the future; there’s a firm belief that tomorrow will be a better day.
That’s what I enjoy; the positive outlook towards the future, and the constant drive to improve and create something better. I’ve witnessed this particular trait across all the places I’ve been in Asia, and now in Malaysia too, which I enjoy a lot.
When you take into consideration the fact that Malaysia is competing with so many other places in the region such as Singapore, Thailand and Hong Kong, TalentCorp definitely gives the country a competitive edge, not to mention greater visibility.
It makes it easier for high-calibre professional expatriate talent to settle into life here by taking away complications that you might experience such as applying for visas or renewing work permits—it’s a burden off your shoulders!
Furthermore, the advantages of having the Residence-Pass Talent (RP-T) are extended to your family members. For example, your spouse can apply for a work permit too. I especially like the fact that RP-T recipients are given a 10 year visa; it’s fantastic because it gives you the security of being able to make plans for the long run.
The main challenge when you are a foreigner in any country is settling in. How do you merge with the new environment? After living in several places around Asia, I actually found settling into Malaysia relatively easy. Kuala Lumpur is a truly international city that is not lacking of anything.
English is widely spoken, which makes it easy to get by in the beginning. The supermarkets even carry foreign products in addition to local items, and schooling for your children is fantastic too.
Like most metropolises, Kuala Lumpur is constantly on the go, 24 hours a day. I didn’t grow up in a big city, but I like the city lifestyle. There’s always something going on, something new to discover—life never stops in Kuala Lumpur.
The city’s developing rapidly and you see signs of progress like new buildings coming up everywhere. It’s refreshing compared to Europe, where the rate of development and change is set at a much lower pace.
‘Malaysia Truly Asia’ is a powerful slogan. I’d visited Malaysia as a tourist prior to moving here and the country’s beauty, especially as a melting pot of many cultures, made an impact on me. To bring it back to my profession—Nestle is the globe’s biggest food company—Malaysia’s diversity brings together a great range of cuisines from all over region. 
It’s a fantastic place to be for someone involved in the food and beverage industry!
Nestle has been in Malaysia for over 100 years. We have an incredible household penetration in the local market; there is literally no Malaysian home that won’t have at least one of our products.
In line with our philosophy, ‘Good Food, Good Life’, we define ourselves as the leading nutrition, health and wellness company.
We want to provide Malaysians from all walks of life with great tasting food that’s also good for their health. Our mission is to assure consumers that when they choose Nestle products, they get something that tastes great with good nutritional value at affordable prices.
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