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Tips On Content Creating For Blogs

Get some quick blogging tips from our February featured bloggers!

by / Published: 27 Feb 2017

Tips On Content Creating For Blogs


1. Based on a very unscientific sample, the most popular blogs do have beautiful pictures so learning basic photography and the use of some related technology is probably a good idea.

2. We always try to include photos with the text. Online content is getting very visual.

3. Think about your audience when choosing your platform. If you write posts that you’d like to read yourself, you’re on the right track.

4. Getting a decent income from blogging is probably easier if you have a product or service that you can sell through your blog or use the blog as a tool to build clientele.

5. Most bloggers abroad get a big chunk of their income from affiliate marketing, particularly from Amazon. If you want to write about topics like fashion and beauty, you probably have better chances earning from affiliate marketing through local affiliate programmes.

SARAH KLING (Kuala Lumpur Kids)

1. If you’re just starting out and you want to be internationally famous, you need to be visible and get yourself known. Make sure your content is appealing and seen and read by the people who count. ‘Advertise’ yourself to the right people and businesses.

2. I try to turn people’s attention to ‘new’ things. I love nothing more than writing a ‘breaking news’ post and bringing them the first insight into a new venue in the city or finding something a little bit ‘off the beaten track’.

3. I tend to write a rough outline of what I want to say during the day but leave the real work until the evening when I have a quiet house. I then work on my text, sort through and edit my photos, and put everything together.

ANGELA CARSON (Expat Angela and Luxury Bucket List)

1. Segmenting my content and targeting the right audience means I lose fewer followers by spamming them with videos or posts they care nothing about.

2. You have to show true value to the market in order for PR managers to even reply to your email. Generate a bunch of great content in the area you want to specialise in. Build up your social media following. Then pull together a smart brochure that highlights the benefits of a collaboration with you. You’ve gotta do your work and pay your dues first.

3. Don’t pan around to try and show everything when filming. Zoom in on one scene and hold for five to six seconds, then jump to another scene. The video will flow better instead of being a one-shot walkthrough.

4. Don’t look at yourself when filming (if using a selfie stick), look at the hole where the camera is. You can tell when people are looking at themselves to see how they look.

5. Just be natural on camera, let loose and get over it. I try to make fun of myself or capture those moments where there’s a bit of silliness, like when I’m trying spicy food and I cough, I keep rolling because that’s funny. It’s those natural moments where you’re just being genuine that people will connect with you, so don’t try to be perfect. Talk as though you’re speaking to a friend in a camera.


1. Get some training in photography (this can be just reading photo magazines and visiting websites) and don’t assume just because you get 100 likes on Instagram, that means you’re a good photographer.

2. Look for constructive criticism about your writing and photography. Fifty comments telling me my post is ‘great’ might make me feel good, but they don’t help me as a writer.

3. Form a writing group with fellow writers or take an online course (I took one at before I started out).

4. Practice your craft every day if possible! Believe in what you write. Tell stories. Follow your muse – don’t write about A B or C because that’s what you think you need to write about to be a Big Blogger.