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Letting Go with Jojo Struys

In line with the launch of audio relaxation CD, "Letting Go with Jojo Struys", EL catches up with Jojo to learn what inspired the production.

by / Published: 15 Jun 2012

Letting Go with Jojo Struys

For internationally recognised TV personality, columnist and health enthusiast, Jojo Struys personal success is more than being and representing a global brand. According to her, finding the right balance and committing to a constant sense of peace and calm amid the hectic pressures of daily living, are vitals ingredients to a wholesome lifestyle.

With this in mind, Letting Go with Jojo Struys was recently launched. Marking her first foray into audio rejuvenation, this Guided Audio Relaxation CD compilation features six tracks specifically designed to help one de-stress and unwind at various stages.

A Jojo Struys original, all visualization exercises and scripts introduced in the collection were put together by the Malaysian star to help one get the wheels in motion. She is the soothing voice heard from start to end, guiding one through each routine over the therapeutic melodies of ocean waves, forest sounds and calming music.

The first track, ‘Positivity on the Go’ is an offering to be savoured anywhere, anytime and focuses on the goal of attaining positive mental energy all day long. Meanwhile, the remaining five are geared towards helping individuals, de-stress by way of disconnecting from the background noise which often serves as an unpleasant distraction.

Expatriate Lifestyle catches up with Jojo for a quick chat.

10 Minutes with Jojo Struys

(1) Is this the first audio relaxation CD collection you’ve rolled out so far?

Jojo Struys: For sure! I didn't expect to be the first either but I've been told that no local personality in Malaysia has put a product like this together. It's common in the West as a tool to de-stress, sleep better or become more positive but so far, I've not really seen this available locally.

(2) What was the inspiration behind this passion-driven project?

JS: When you think about it, everyone has stress and I think a bit of quality "me time" goes a long way to recharge your batteries. I was hoping to show people how a simple visualisation exercise can actually calm the nerves and put you in a positive space. This guided relaxation experience helps you connect with yourself and calm down.

(3) Why now?

JS: I've been producing so much TV content. My production house ( produced last year's Miss Universe reality series and followed stars like Yuna round the world for “Bintang di Langit” and Mizz Nina with "Takeover" currently airing on Astro Ria.

I've always wanted to do this relaxation CD idea but we've been madly busy. One day, I set time aside and simply started writing scripts. I really got into it. Sometimes, you just have to start the ball rolling. Three months later, it became a reality and it's now available in Starbucks nationwide!

(4) How long did it take to complete the overall compilation?

JS: About 3 months, give or take.

(5) Which are a few key relaxation themes featured in Letting Go with Jojo Struys?

JS: There's a powerful but simple positive affirmations track called "Positivity on the Go". There's also a visualisation exercise to get rid of stress called "Stress Exterminator" and a track designed to help you relax and unwind after a long day, which a lot of people fall asleep to!

(6) For beginners, what is the recommended frequency in terms of practicing your routines?

JS: You can listen to it whenever you feel like. It's best listened to in a quiet space and with headphones! Some people like listening to it in the car during a traffic jam because it calms them down.

(7) What was your personal experience putting this collection together?

JS: I absolutely loved it! So therapeutic to be working at and researching this material! I was meditating when I recorded the tracks to make sure I was in a positive space.

Can you imagine hospitals around the world are using music therapy to reduce pain and anxiety in patients? And the American Society of Hypertension says that just listening to 30 minutes of relaxing music daily can lower your blood pressure. Music can really de-stress us and soothe the soul. 

Note: Retailing at only RM27 a copy, Letting Go with Jojo Struys can be found all at 124 Starbucks outlets nationwide. Jojo will also be conducting periodic workshops for walk-in patrons to the coffee store. Customers with a Starbucks card can purchase the CD at a special price of RM19.90.