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EL Tries: The Therapy First Serum

Patrick Loh decides that his skin is in need of a little pampering and turns to The Therapy First Serum for some expert help.

by / Published: 21 Nov 2017

EL Tries: The Therapy First Serum
Photo: THE FACE SHOP/Facebook

 Falling asleep with makeup on after a night of wild partying might sound like you’re living Holly’s life in “Breakfast At Tiffany’s”, except that your skin suffers and the ageing process speeds up. Not only will you distress your skin cells but you may start looking older than you actually are.

If you’re wondering how the likes of Jennifer Lopez and George Clooney preserve their youthfulness, the answer is simple – proper grooming.

Men have thicker skin compared to women – that’s the only difference. As I entered adulthood, I too had concerns about my skin and feared the worst as I aged. So I have decided to give my skin the best products in the market such as essence, moisturiser, serums and more serums.

Apart from having combination skin (dry and oily), I also have a dehydration condition and am prone to skin congestion and acne. These are the main causes of fine lines, blemishes and wrinkles, which speed up the skin’s ageing process.

Thankfully, THE FACE SHOP’s The Therapy First Serum is helping me slow that process down with its anti-ageing properties and intense hydration all in one bottle.

Unlike regular serum which is applied after the toner and the essence stage, The Therapy First Serum should be applied right after you cleanse your face.

It contains French Thalassotherapy essential water: mineral-rich sea water and blue algae from the Mediterranean containing antioxidants, as well as Blending Crystal Technology to hydrate and lightly exfoliate skin for a glowing complexion. It’ll also help boost the absorption of toner and any other serums used after this step.

The bottle comes with a box of green tea cotton pads to mildly exfoliate the skin. It’s best to moisten the green tea side of the cotton pad with the serum then wipe your entire face with it. I suggest you use the other side of the cotton pad for your toner to minimise waste.

If you feel your skin is really dehydrated, dampen the masque (provided with the set) with serum and put it on for 20 minutes to boost dehydration levels.

The serum can also be used as aroma therapy as it contains sandalwood, avocado and palmarosa – pour a little on your palms, cup over your nose and mouth and inhale. Use it to massage your face by applying to pressure points in your chin, lower nose, temples and side of the eyes.

Keeping your skin healthy takes more than just basic cleansing, toning and moisturising. Pollution, sun damage and a hectic lifestyle affects skin so taking a few minutes to add extra steps to your skin care regime should become the norm – believe me, your skin will thank you for it!