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The Breakfast Club

If you’re going to make breakfast a habit, you may as well savour the experience. Here are some breakfast solutions worth waking up for.

by / Published: 6 Jun 2012

The Breakfast Club

We’ve been reminded time and again that having breakfast in the morning is vital. Not only because it gives you energy to start a new day but for the health related benefits that follow. Mind you, we’re not here to preach about dietary requirements or offer medical related advice. In fact you’d be surprised to discover how good the ‘bad’ food can be.

Take everything (literally everything if you can) with a pinch of moderation and you will be assured of a nutrient packed square-meal to kick-start your day. The truth of the matter is, breakfast can be one of the most enjoyable meals of the day simply for the plethora of choices it offers and the satisfaction it brings with starting your day with a full stomach.

So if you’re going to start making a habit of eating breakfast, you may as well savour the experience. Here are some breakfast solutions that are worth waking up for.


Staying true to tradition, you’ll find that many British-inspired dining establishments in Malaysia have come to feature the quintessential Full English breakfast on their menu––even if they don’t cater exclusively to the breakfast crowd.

Case in point Jarrod & Rawlins, a group of friendly restaurants/pubs/deli that serve a good range of hearty breakfast items like the J&R Special “Full Works”, Eggs Benedict Indulgence and Eggs Florentine which are available all day, any day of the week.

“I believe that breakfast is the most important but underrated meal of the day, and this is reflected in the menu,” explains Denis Rawlins. “The Full Works as it is hearty and value for money. It comprises of two eggs, sausages, bacon, grilled tomato, hash browns, mushrooms, beans and toast, complete with tea or coffee with orange juice. We also provide ketchup, HP sauce and mustard with the meal. It’s the little details like this that complete the dining experience.”

But it’s no secret that it’s their succulent gourmet sausages and bacon that have been a prime attraction. “I started the sausage factory for my father, basically because you couldn’t get decent English sausages here. I’m fussy about sausages so they’re very much tailored to what i like. I feed them to my kids so no nitrites and all that sort of thing.”

And you can recreate the Jarrod& Rawlins breakfast experience in the comfort of your own home thanks to their well stocked delicatessen counters where you’ll find burgers, pies, prime cuts as well as antipasti and selected quality cheeses from all over the globe.


No, we are not suggesting a Chippendale’s show, although that could be a ‘tasty’ beginning too. The Full Monty or Full English as it is more commonly known as, typically refers to a breakfast of bacon, eggs, sausages, grilled tomatoes, mushrooms and toast.

The items may vary depending on their origin with a reported more than 40 interchangeable items including pancakes, onions, baked beans, haggis and black pudding.

“A good English breakfast will have good quality bacon and sausages. I think they are the key factor to it (we’re planning on making our own sausages soon). Then the eggs and the mushrooms, well you just build on everything else. Its hearty and it’s a good hangover cure for the night before,” grins Chef Colin Yap of Albion KL.

Not only is it a great morning after meal, a research conducted in the UK recently discovered that the calorie content in a Full English is actually not that high, provided the sausages and bacon are grilled.

“I think the health aspect of it is quite crucial now as people are more health conscious nowadays. So we plan on expanding the menu to introduce more fruit based items, granolas and yogurts.”

There is a somewhat caustic joke that “the British Empire was created as a by-product of generations of desperate Englishmen roaming the world in search of a decent meal” but one must admit, they certainly got it right with their breakfast.


Grabbing a lukewarm coffee and a cold sandwich on your way to work may be a reasonable compromise for that extra half hour in bed but how about switching up to a steaming Peachy latte and wholesome Egg ‘n’ Chutney bap?

Determined to ensure the working customers that come in for their morning meal have a proper breakfast, Chef Rosidi Shamsuddin of Paper + Toast puts his 20 years of experience to good use, whipping up sizable sandwiches bursting with ingredients and flavour.

“Even if it’s a simple toast—we do a French Toast with bread (white, wholemeal or rye) that is about 2 inches thick with half a poached pear, drizzled with maple syrup and cinnamon powder.”

Having worked in a string of five-star hotels, restaurants and cafes, not to mention a three year stint with a restaurant in Berlin, Chef Rosidi is well aware that different people have different preferences and strives to provide a variety that will appeal to all tastes and types.

“Take the Europeans for example, a baguette with cheese and tomatoes may be enough for them in the mornings but locals prefer something more. So I add some Asian elements, for example we have a Prawn Star sandwich with king prawns and spiced tomato tapenade, Ah Hoi Sin wrap with succulent slices of duck and vermicelli salad and even the Cool Masala wrap with masala spice chicken and cucumber raita,” lists Chef Rosidi whose creativity was sought out by Paper+Toast to spruce up their dining menu and corporate catering events.

And with their unique co-working space upstairs, Paper + Toast not only provides for the dining crowd but also offers those who are not tied to a desk job a space to work outside of home and office.
As Chef Rosidi succinctly puts it, “People come in here to work but they also have to eat. We have to provide them with food that is good. That’s my responsibility; to complete their day here when they come in to work, to feed them with good food that is healthy, tasty and practical.”


Here’s the best argument in favour of having breakfast. If you are concerned about managing your weight, why not just eat to your heart’s content in the morning? Studies have consistently shown that those who have breakfast on a regular basis are less likely to be overweight or obese.

Whilst it may differ widely from place to place, a complete breakfast invariably includes all food groups; grains or cereals, breads, fruits, vegetables and proteins such as eggs, meat or fish. So not only do you get a well-balanced meal, a hearty breakfast in the morning will ensure you stay full until lunch time.

Mazeta Hassan of Eastern & Oriental Hotel, Penang agrees, “At Sarkies we emphasize on both the quality and variety of buffet breakfast. Our aim is to start your day with a perfect breakfast where you’ll find everything you’ll need.”

The buffet at Sarkies which features live-action cooking stations, offers a tantalising spread of local and international breakfasts; freshly baked croissants, homemade cakes and biscuits, cheese board, eggs prepared a la minute, sausages fruits and cereals are some of your choices.

And having indulged at breakfast, you’re more inclined to exercise restraint with subsequent meals. The saying ‘breakfast like a king, dine like a pauper’ does ring true in this case.


The best thing about breakfast is the pastries, muffins and pancakes that you can indulge in without feeling guilty. Although sugar has been getting some bad rep lately, it is important to note that natural sugar is a healthy part of a balanced diet (

Like all carbohydrates, it gets converted into energy and contrary to popular belief contains only 15 calories per teaspoon. Of course like everything else moderation is key to a healthy and balanced diet but if that fails, take comfort that you’ve got the rest of the day to burn off the calories.

“For me, dessert for breakfast is perfect,” admits Narelle McMurtrie of China House.

“Most days we have at least 20 cakes on display. For those in a rush, the bakery table always has a quiche of the day on it. Most guests will also take away a cake or muffin at the same time.”


> Eating breakfast improves concentration, problem-solving skills and eye-hand coordination and is especially important for children and adolescents as it helps them perform better in the classroom.

> Regularly skipping breakfast can make you vulnerable to cravings and cause you to feel hungrier at your next meal making you eat more than you normally would.

> Include lots of protein (eggs, dairy products and nuts) and fiber (whole grain toast, fruits and vegetables) as this will help satisfy your hunger and keep you feeling full until lunch.

> Hunger causes mood swings and irritability, so do yourself and your colleagues a favour and eat a good breakfast before coming into work.

> Even if it’s a mere half an hour a day, breakfast can be a good opportunity to spend quality time with your family/friends before your day starts.


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