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Pince & Pints

Fresh lobster prepared beautifully in four different styles. What's not to love?

by / Published: 6 Dec 2015

Pince & Pints

Quality lobster dishes are, in my eyes, both difficult and expensive to find in Kuala Lumpur; which is why the opening of Singapore’s lobster specialists Pince and Pints’ first Malaysian outlet in Bangsar’s Jalan Telawi 5 brought much cheer to the lobster-lovers among us.

The ambience within the restaurant is cosy and welcoming, with warm lighting, wooden flooring and wallpaper patterned with bricks on the ceiling. Do ensure you make your reservations early as the two-month old restaurant has seen such interest that walk-ins run a high risk of being turned away – and do not try to sneak additional people in as they may not have seats.

As a testament to Pince and Pints’ firm commitment towards serving great lobster, the menu only has four dishes, of which we sampled the Grilled Live Whole Lobster, the Lobster Roll, and the Chilli Lobster; the last is the KL-only Lobster Noodles, done Asian-style with egg noodles, ginger and scallion.

All offerings here cost a flat RM158 each - not cheap, but not expensive for good lobster - and are made with a whole 600g live lobster air-flown from Maine. First to come was the Lobster Roll, and despite appearing quite unassuming at first glance - think a hot dog bun with lobster chunks - it turned out to be one of my favourites.

The lobster chunks were thick and substantial and paired very well with the fluffy, buttery brioche bun. Delicious hand-cut fries with garlic aioli and a salad of watermelon and lettuce drizzled with balsamic vinegar finished the set.

Next was the Grilled Live Whole Lobster, which is also available in steamed form. A good tip to check the freshness of the lobster is to see whether you can peel the flesh off easily from the shell; our attempt with fork and toothpick was successful. Though mild herb butter was provided, those really craving that authentic lobster taste will be satisfied with a squeeze of lemon upon the flesh - it is that fresh. Expect the usual salad and fries sides as well.

Last to come was the most popular item on the menu - the Chilli Lobster. This take on the famous Singapore chilli crab (except with lobster) arrived in a sea of red chilli sauce accompanied by the customary fried mantou (steamed bun) for dipping. It wasn’t quite sweet enough to compensate for the spiciness, in my opinion, but spice-lovers may feel differently.

To cool off, try one of their self-imported wines, various types of house-made lemonade or specialty cocktails like the cucumber, lime and mint-centric Dante’s Dream. Mocktails like the Mr and Mrs Smith made with fresh New Zealand kiwi, lime and homemade pandan syrup are equally pleasing. Be warned, however, that these drinks tend towards the sweet side.

Verdict: If you’re craving good lobster, Pince and Pints should definitely be on your must-try list as one of the most exciting seafood additions to hit KL this year!


Address: Pince & Pints No 32, Jalan Telawi 5, Bangsar
Telephone: 032201 3233