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A Chat with Diamond Ogbeide

Diamond Ogbeide, a trainer at Gallanty Fitness, receives many positive reviews from clients. As a former professional sprinter, he knows the benefits of a good fitness regime.

by / Published: 18 Jul 2013

A Chat with Diamond Ogbeide

Diamond Ogbeide, a trainer at Gallanty Fitness, has received many positive reviews from his clients. As a former professional sprinting athlete who has played sport all his life, he knows first-hand that a good fitness regime can make all the difference in how good you feel and look.

Expatriate Lifestyle: Define a home gym.

A home gym is basically a place in your home where you can set up either a single multi-function exercise device or have various types of equipment to exercise with.

EL: Why would anyone want a home gym?

It’s a good investment for a healthy life. It gives you the complete freedom to exercise; it’s your space so you can exercise at your convenience without thinking of time limitations or availability of equipment (as you would in a commercial gym). It can also serve the requirements for all your family so you can all get into shape together.

EL: What are the advantages and disadvantages of having a home gym?

The advantages are that if you are new to exercising, you may not feel comfortable going to your local gym where there may be people flexing their muscles and looking good. With a home gym you can start off with lighter weights and less grueling exercises without feeling any pressure. You can choose the equipment specific to your needs although this can be a disadvantage as well as you could end up spending thousands, so shop around and ensure you know what exactly what you need.

Another disadvantage is how much space you have available to fit the equipment and for you to exercise.

EL: If you were advising someone on setting up a home gym, what would the basic equipment be?

You can get started even if you’re on a budget. In order to engage in 95% of the exercises to get into amazing shape you need some dumbbells/ a Sandbell (cross between a sandbag and barbell), a bench, balance /medicine ball and a suspension trainer like the TRX. Even without equipment you could do a body weight workout, which is almost as good as going to the gym.

If you’re in it for the long haul, getting a multi-gym and more advanced equipment is more economical. Although this is a big expense, in the long run it’s probably still cheaper than gym memberships.

EL: Do you think home gyms are just a fad or are they here to stay?

Home gyms are not a fad and they are here to stay. They are convenient, private, have no closing time and are never busy!

EL: What kind of people do you think are more inclined to have a home gym?

Generally, the people who have home gyms are those who want to work out whenever they want without restrictions in the comfort of their own domain. Use their equipment for as long as they please, play the music they want. And best of all, there’s no need to drive anywhere—just get changed and off you go!

There are so many reasons why people become discouraged from following through with their weight training at the gym, so working out at home does take the pressure off.

EL: If someone has a home gym, they should know how to exercise correctly. Is it enough to read about it or watch fitness programs? Or is it still better to have someone train you?

Having a home gym doesn’t mean you know what to do, and it’s not enough to read about it or watch fitness programs. You may not know how to use them, or how to design or follow a proper exercise regimen.

Having a qualified trainer guide you through an exercise program with good technique is the key to getting fitter and stronger.

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