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Pocket Pro: A Golfer's Dream

by Samantha Chin 27 Mar 2012
Pocket Pro: A Golfer's Dream

At one time or another, golfers have found the ball in the rough, a bunker, or on one of the many awkward lies that a golf course has to offer, at which point they end up asking themselves, "What do I do now?"

The answer can now be found in Pocket Pro, the newly launched golf app by James Ellis.

Golf professional, James Ellis understands that golfers are rarely taught how to cope with this area of the game, and if they are, the information is easily forgotten, leaving them in fear of anything other than being on the fairway or the green.

The app is packed with 25 short video lessons that deal with problems varying from the first tee to awkward lies, bunkers, chipping and finally on the green - cleverly designed to be used as a personal pro at home, at the range or on the course.

Citing as inspiration a previous experience where a client called in the middle of their round asking how to play an awkward shot, James Ellis began to wonder how he could offer advice to all of his clients in the moments when they need it the most.

Ellis, with 15 years of experience in the game, says that "tuition can be sourced everywhere but never before in a way which allows golfers instant access to professional advice in the moment."

Pocket Pro is available for purchase via the app store or through the official website.

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