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Malaysia’s Most Romantic

by The Expatriate Lifestyle Editorial Team 1 Feb 2011
Malaysia’s Most Romantic

The Rabbit

True to nature, those born in the year of the Rabbit are said to be cuddly, warm and affectionate. Often mysterious the Rabbit also enjoys being the centre of attention every once in a while.

Love Forecast 2011

For partnered Rabbits, this year is looking to be a peaceful one for you and your loved one. Couples could be settling down and taking relationships to the next level, be it moving in together or buying a home.

EL Recommends
The Dusun date

The two chalets at the Dusun are heavenly—the only noises you’re likely to hear are the durian dropping from the trees and the rooster warning you it’s morning.

The Dragon

Assertive, energetic and talented they can be unintentionally condescending and tactless. Also one of the luckier signs, they enjoy robust health and are successful in almost all their ventures.

Love Forecast 2011

It can be rocky year for romance. Although there are opportunities to meet new people throughout the year, some might feel the need to evaluate their relationships and question their compatibility with partners.

EL Recommends
Mighty Aphrodite

If scaling rocky terrain and reaching the peak to witness a breathtaking sunrise does nothing to strengthen the love, then it’s time to bail out.

The Snake

People born under this sign are intelligent and highly intuitive. Quick-witted and amusing, they are very romantic but with a definite flirtatious streak.

Love Forecast 2011

Couples will enjoy the comforts of home more than usual. Romance is also on the cards for singles and there will be much enjoyment from social gatherings where you’re likely to meet the yin to your yang.

EL Recommends
Rhu retreat

Remote location, luxury accommodations, BBQ dinners, long walks on the beach plus a renowned spa—what more could you ask for?

The Goat

At times petulant and discontented, Goats are also optimistic, kind and easy-going people with a charming but closed personality.

Love Forecast 2011

As a natural romantic the single Goat will find 2011 a thrilling and exciting year for romance. Couples too will experience peace and fulfillment and many will be thinking of taking the big leap.

EL Recommends
Wild love

For a thrilling time with your partner get off the mushy track and try some white-water rafting, rock climbing and other adrenalin pumping activities to add a bit of excitement to your dormant lifestyle.

The Monkey

Monkey people are playful, fun and easily bored. Often finding it hard to settle down to doing one thing, life is never dull or predictable.

Love Forecast 2011

A rocky year for couple as partners may appear a tad too demanding or maybe you need to be more sensitive. There are many opportunities for single Monkeys to meet that someone special especially through outings with friends or at work.

EL Recommends
Prime mates playground

For the easily bored Monkey, a couple of days at The Roots with your other half are just what you’re looking for this Valentine’s. A tree-top cabin, riding ATVs and tubing down the mighty Kinta River, plus a river bank dotted with gazebos to sip cocktails and watch the sunset.

The Rooster

The more extravagant of the signs, Roosters are always popular and love being showered with attention. They can be brutally honest but are wonderfully loyal people.

Love Forecast 2011

It’s not all champagne and roses as a quarrel or end of a relationship is predicted. Partners may find themselves bickering more than usual. Bite your tongue and practice the art of agreement.

EL Recommends
Louvre café

The opulent French décor, sophisticated menu and decadence of Café Café will make you feel like you’re in the city of love itself. A little hard to find if you’re not familiar with the byways of KL but what’s a little inconvenience when it comes to impressing the lady.

The Dog

One of the most honest and trustworthy signs, Dogs are also good listeners but can be stubborn and pessimistic at times.

Love Forecast 2011

There will be much emphasis on personal life, and they will see relationships growing and becoming more meaningful. Singles should be open to putting their heart on the line if they hope to find a compatible mate.

EL Recommends
Language of love

Kevin Field brings together a selection of operatic arias and love duets for Songs of Love at the Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra. The set will include Puccini’s Madama Butterfly and La Boheme.

The Pig

Another lucky sign, people born in the year of the Pig are sweet, lovable and love the company of others. They can also be melancholy and over-sensitive.

Love Forecast 2011

Couples will be ready to discover the meaning of domestic bliss, just make sure you’ve worked out all the kinks first. There is a possibility of meeting a romantic partner through friends or at a family gathering.

EL Recommends
Pom, pom, pom…

If you are planning to pop the big Q then this Valentine’s will have to be extra special. It takes a bit of getting to but Pom Pom Island with its white sand beaches is a rare gem in the Celebes Sea.

The Ox

Though affectionate and easy-going, the Ox can show a fierce temper when provoked. Sturdy, earthy and with a great love for home life, family and loving partners are a high priority.

Love Forecast 2011

Things are looking steady on the home front but there can be a few challenging moments with partners that can leave relationships feeling strained.

EL Recommends
Cosy up at Carcosa

Keep it simple as you take a break from your busy schedule to spend some quality time with your loved one at the quaint and elegant colonial style boutique hotel. Tea for two couldn’t get anymore romantic than this.

The Rat

Charming, elegant and clever, Rats have a strong social circle. Family and friends are important to them and they can be very thrifty.

Love Forecast 2011

There may be cause for celebration this year be it an engagement, wedding or birth. But there will also be times of stress due to emotional flare-ups.

EL Recommends
Bohemian like you

Pick the Boat House (quite literally a wooden boat complete with spiral staircase) or the Rock House (perched on giant boulders with the tide lapping beneath it). Impressive Tioman accommodation without burning a hole in your wallet.

The Tiger

Magnetic and passionate, Tigers make the most entertaining of the signs. But tendency to be indecisive and stubborn can often mar their personality.

Love Forecast 2011

The influence of the Rabbit makes it a good time to smooth over communication problems allowing couples to take their relationship forward.

EL Recommends
Star gazing at Lake Kenyir

Stay at one of the Malay style chalet for some couple down-time and in the evening lie next to each other and gaze at the millions and millions of stars up above. It’s a humbling experience that will make you feel grateful for what you have.

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