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The children’s house

16 Mar 2017
The children’s house

It’s only natural to want the best kind of education for your child, and with so many options available, the choices can be overwhelming – particularly for their first foray into the education system. One of the most popular preschool education method is the Montessori method, founded by physician and educator Dr Maria Montessori. This scientifically-proven approach emphasises individuality, grace and courtesy, culture, knowledge and understanding of the world, all supported by specially designed Montessori materials.

You don’t have to go far to look for an institution that follows the Montessori philosophies, with The children’s house® being a prime example. The Montessori education encompasses five core curriculum areas: practical life exercises, sensorial, number work, language and culture.

Established in 1986, The children’s house® accepts and teaches children from eight months to six years old. The school also offers an Infant Care programme at their Ara Damansara and 40 Bruas branches for infants three months and older, adopting the award-winning curriculum developed by Learning Vision, Singapore’s leading provider of high quality employer-sponsored preschool service.

With more than 30 years of observation, Nan Civel, founder of The children’s house®, has observed significant improvement in the character of children who have been exposed to Montessori education. According to Nan, their personalities grew and they began to display remarkable understanding, enthusiasm and confidence. They thrived on routine, tidiness and communal meals; most importantly, they enjoyed the freedom to move, choose, express themselves and work at their own pace in a non-competitive environment.

If this is the nature of education you’d like your child to grow up with, give The children’s house® a chance and watch your child become an independent, coordinated and happy member of society.

You’re welcome to call them and schedule a visit to any of their schools in Malaysia listed here

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