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Serial Expat: Sweet Sorrow

As we bid Jo Parfitt adieu, she writes about her initial anxieties as an expat here along with part from the Malaysian cuisine like nasi lemak and char kway teow that she's grown accustomed to.

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Serial Expat: Big Fish

Jo Parfitt writes about the joys of standing out as an expatriate. Can you relate?

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Serial Expat: Happy To Be Healthy

There's a reason why Malaysia's medical tourism is a flourishing industry. Jo Parfitt tells us why.

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Serial Expat: Longing For A Homeland

Home has a subjective meaning in the life of an expatriate. If you're a serial expat like Jo Parfitt, read on to find out her thoughts on the matter.

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Serial Expat: Even Expatriates Need Neighbours

New addition to EL Voices! Jo Parfitt, author behind the column, writes about her many experiences as a well travelled expatriate couple.

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