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Into The Wild: A Moveable Feast

Ashleigh Kivilaakso goes on a food quest to sample some of the best dishes the country has to offer. Up for a food safari?

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Into The Wild: Who Has Made Malaysia Home

From Parameswara to the Bugis princes from Sulawesi, Ashleigh unearths the origins of the first foreigners who called Malaysia home.

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Into The Wild: Thaipusam - The Journey

Ashleigh Kivilaakso experiences Thaipusam up close and personal. Was it bloody? Read on to find out.

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Into The Wild: My Birthday Treat

Ashleigh finds himself spending the day with the US Embassy for the US Presidential elections which also happens to be his birthday. Quite unorthodox, we dare say.

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Into The Wild: Tropical Festivities

Ashleigh Kivilaakso explores the cooler parts of the country during the festivities to escape the heat and monsoon humidity.

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Into The Wild: Child of the Empire

Meet the latest addition to Expatriate Lifestyle's columns, Ashleigh Kivilaakso , who uncovers Malaysia's wildlife and least known places.

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