Protect More Than Just Your Life
Serial Expat: Sweet Sorrow
Just Landed: Drusilla Gillen
It's Not How Much You Make, But How Much You Keep


Savants of Sustainability

In the enduring battle to save the planet, these three veterans of the field are forging ahead to ensure that green practices prevail.

No More Bangkok Street Food

Say it isn’t so! Bangkok’s beloved hawker stalls are set to vanish from the streets in a massive cleanup operation.

Money Matters: Insurance

Both term insurance and T100 are surprisingly great value for money. If you do not have any life insurance or are unsure if your existing coverage is sufficient, feel free to contact Faramond Group for a free quotation.

April 2017 Roundup: The Colour Of Green

Get a sneak peak into our April issue, our greenest issue of the year thus far!


Phil Janes: Let's Hear It For Hull!

Quick question: Where is Hull located in England? If you're still pondering, join Phil as he discovers the city for being UK's City of Culture 2017.

Dream, create, toil...then reap the rewards

The Taman Desa security guy at the guardhouse blinked twice and looked at me with a puzzled expression.

Goodbye and Goodnight

After 11 years, Lisa H bids her final farewell to Expatriate Lifestyle and to Malaysia.

One A Month – Twelve Achievable Financial Resolutions For 2016

The Financial Guru takes you through 12 easy steps to help you keep your New Year's resolution to sort your finances

Patience, Positivity & Parenting

It's not easy being a parent. We always strive for healthy types of parenting to nurture our children into balanced human beings.

Just Ask Justine: 2014 Christmas brunches

Justine Guyton has moved six times, across four continents in the last 11 years.

Vanessa Workman: A Fresh New Start

Unfortunately, said handyman-hairstylist also had a pension for leaving a trail of empty beer cans hidden around my house while he 'fixed' things.

It's Not How Much You Make, But How Much You Keep

Are you spending more than you're saving? Tom Henson shows you how to rework your budget to stretch your funds till retirement.

The Insider: The Backpacker

Backpacking is no bed of roses as the The Insider writes about hitchhiking across Southeast Asia.



Win A 2D1N Stay At The Nomad Serviced Residences Bangsar!

Let's treat you to a night at The Nomad Serviced Residences Bangsar. Answer a couple of questions and be in the running to win a stay here.


7 Cycling Tours Around Asia

Bicycle travel and tourism have been enjoying a surge in popularity over the past few years. For your next holiday, book a cycle tour and see a country from a very different perspective.

Improve Your Tennis Game At Mandarin Oriental

Up your tennis game with Angel Gyogievski from Peter Burwash International (PBI).

Surfing Southeast Asia

Visit these Southeast Asian destinations where the waves are what surfing pros dream about and beginners can get their feet wet in stunning surrounds.

Walking Tours Malaysia

Heritage architecture, food havens and beautiful scenery: try out these walking tours and you’ll discover just how fascinating everything is at street level.

food & drink

4 Best Places For Bread In Town

From French loaves to Bavarian spelt bread, we sample some of the finest breads in town and tell you all about it.

Food For Thought: Ettore Altamura

Italian coffee connoisseur Ettore Altamura spills the beans on Mokitalia and his 20-year-long journey to bring the best Italian espresso machines, capsules and beans from Como to Malaysia.

5 Asian-inspired Bars To Try

We round up the best places to enjoy Asian-inspired cocktails at some of the most Instagram-worthy spots that's bursting with Oriental concepts.

5 Best Places For Dim Sum

Dim sum means 'touching the heart' in Cantonese, and we share our five favourite places for dim sum that know how to hit the spot.