Pisco Bar

by Anis Taufik 1 Sep 2013
Pisco Bar

Dip into the intricate flavours of South America at Pisco Bar. Located just two streets away from the hustle and bustle of Changkat Bukit Bintang on the (relatively) quieter avenue of Jalan Mesui, the recent addition to the numerous restaurants and watering holes here only enhances the diverse range of food and drinks available in the heart of Kuala Lumpur, a delight to gastronomical explorers on the lookout for new ways to tease and tantalise taste buds.

As we soaked up the venue’s ambiance—dim lights complemented by lilting music and tasteful art pieces—we studied the extensive menu; no mean feat as there were more than one item that caught our attention and got our tummies rumbling in anticipation. We bit the bullet and decided to start with the tiradito tuna sashimi and meatballs in tomato basil sauce. The thin tuna slices seemed to magically melt over my tongue as its flavours flowed out in gentle rivulets, hitting the palate in unexpected waves. Curious to find learn more about its sauce, I referred to the menu and found out that the sashimi had been sprinkled with soy sauce and Amarillo tiger’s milk (a zesty dressing of lime juice, onions and chili peppers that’s touted to be a hangover cure and aphrodisiac). Not to be outdone were the meatballs. Soft and juicy, its smooth texture only enhanced the tangy taste of the tomato and basil sauce, leaving a pleasant after taste.

Up next were our mains: stewed lamb served with chickpeas and tacu tacu, and grilled chicken with rice. I wasn’t too sure of what to expect from our first dish, but I was pleasantly amused when our waiter deposited a platter of lamb slices resting atop a bed of rice-and-bean mash. My first bite into the lamb resulted in an explosion of flavour—the meat’s delicate taste was nicely balanced by the mash’s earthy tones. As we gushed over the delectable food, my dining companion happily commented that the grilled chicken was well seasoned, pointing out that the slices of red onions drizzled with lime juice on its accompanying side of rice only added to its unique taste.

After the climactic build up from stunning appetisers and mains, we turned our eyes to the menu once again for desserts. We were surprised to discover that Pisco Bar only offered chocolate mousse and crème caramel pudding. Undaunted, we ordered one of each. There’s no denying that desserts hit the right sweet spot after an evening of indulgence, but I felt that they were rather lacklustre—almost a deviation from the menu’s adventurous offerings of South American cuisines.

Nonetheless, Pisco Bar’s foray into Kuala Lumpur’s dining scene is an admirable one; with regular music performances and a dance floor upstairs, there’s no doubt that this upcoming venue is one to watch out for.


Address:29, Jalan Mesui, Off Jalan Nagasari, Kuala Lumpur

Telephone: 03-2142 2900

Website: http://www.piscobarkl.com

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