Sushi Zanmai

by Emma Chong 1 Jan 2011
Sushi Zanmai

Little sister to the seriously popular Rakuzen, Sushi Zanmai offers slightly smaller and more populist versions of Rakuzen’s best dishes, and does it well.

While we can’t vouch for authenticity (faint rumblings from people who have actually been to Japan seem to discredit it), but just as pizza has outgrown Italy, so has sushi outstripped Japan. And the perennial queues of people outside Sushi Zanmai’s five outlets say that this is good.

Bypass the ubiquitous sushi conveyor belt and order straight from the menu; even when the place is packed, orders are always prompt.

Favourites include the Caterpillar roll: grilled unagi and omelette wrapped in rice and topped with sliced avocado, and the Spider roll: deepfried soft shell crab, surrounded by rice, coated in roe, wrapped in a sheet of rice paper, fried and then garnished with sliced avocado. And yes, such bizarre names are to be expected.

Expect sushi filled with tuna, aubergine, and deep fried in tempura batter (but not all at the same time). You can order their more conservative maki offerings and those are great, but Sushi Zanmai’s strength lies in concocting unusual rolls and giving them outlandish names.

Sushi Zanmai
Outlets at The Gardens, 1 Utama, Fahrenheit 88, Sunway Pyramid, Low Yat, KL.


Address:The Gardens, T217 Lingkaran Syed Putra, 59200 KL

Telephone: 03 - 2282 1160


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