Bali & Spice

by Suzanne Ong 17 Oct 2016
Bali & Spice

Illuminated by lightbulbs trapped in long rattan fishing traps (bubu) and decorated with black-and-white portraits of Indonesian culture, the interior of Bali and Spice appears cosy and welcoming at first glance. The play on the Balinese theme goes right down to being served by Indonesian waiters – all that’s missing are sandy beaches and the ocean breeze!

For starters, we had the Balinese Fried Squid Salad – a big bowl of greens mixed with thinly sliced fruits alongside fried squid and Rempeyek (anchovy cracker), served with spicy lemongrass and shallot dressing. The refreshing vegetables cut through the squid’s greasiness, coupled with sweetness from the fruits and some heat from the sour dressing. I loved how the contrasting flavours kept things interesting with each bite.

Next up was the Nasi Campur, and they don’t kid when they say ‘campur’ (mix). Resting in a square basket of woven coconut palm leaves, white rice is surrounded by a party of Balinese grilled lemongrass prawns, squid, fish, sate lilit (a type of satay) and a choice of beef or chicken rendang. On the side was a bowl of Lawar Kacang (bean salad), Rempeyek, Sambel Terasi (red chilli paste) and Sambel Matah (raw Balinese sambal). The rice helps to neutralise the saltiness of the meat, which may be a bit overpowering on its own. Lemongrass also seems to be a key component of this dish; I personally loved its fragrance, but it may lean towards the strong side for some.

We also had a go at their Kambing Bakar, which is grilled lemongrass-marinated lamb shoulder served with potatoes, salad and Sambal Terasi on the side. The lamb is juicy, tender and goes well with the sambal; my only complaint is that it can get a bit salty after a few bites.

The portions are large and obviously designed for sharing, but there’s always room for dessert – and the Pisang Bakar doesn’t disappoint as we’re treated to grilled caramelised bananas served with premium vanilla ice cream, sweet shredded coconut and peanut candy toppings – a perfect end to this feast.


Address:LG-17, Lower Ground Floor, Da Men Mall USJ 1, Persiaran Kewajipan, USJ 1, 47600 Subang Jaya, Selangor

Telephone: 03-8011 8752



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