Spice Garden Imperial

by Michelle Whytcross 1 Sep 2011
Spice Garden Imperial

Spice Garden Imperial is an unusual restaurant in that it is evidently there to serve tourists and yet it manages to deliver authentic food of a genuinely high standard. Usually, the former approach leads to a sloppy kitchen and mediocre service as they are not worried about repeat business.

This could not be further from the truth with Spice Garden who must be considered one of the rare top class North Indian outlets in KL in a sea of mediocre-to-good ones. This is an outlet that uses good meat, which obviously spends time producing proper gravies, cares about their rice and as a result delivers every element of the meal to a very good standard.

And for standard read healthiness. Spice Garden Imperial use the right amount of ghee and oils, which is to say, far less than just about every other North Indian restaurant around. The modus operandi here I fancy is to spend longer on the marinading and in the tandoor to pack in the flavour. The meats certainly are infused with flavour and spice, as are all the curries.

The biryani is a case in point. The Hyderabadi speciality is the most authentic and pleasant I’ve come across in Malaysia. Pair it with an aloo sattar for sheer Indian bliss. Diners can choose the chicken to be boned if you want to avoid the awkwardness of picking bits out of your mouth or bone-in for added flavour.

Other highlights include the tikka massala, a do piaza and a makhani that arrive imbibed with spice and delicious, smooth, mouth-tingling results.

The menu here is somewhat strange but reinforces its position as catering to the tourist trade, what with kebabs and fish and chips and other western savouries a few pages from their regular North Indian stock in trade.

Having moved across the road late last year from a bungalow a few doors down from The Westin Kuala Lumpur to the same block as Eden and Hadramawt in Chulan Square, Spice Garden Imperial have shown a great deal of ambition and maintained their high standards. They also have other outlets in Bangsar, Genting and KK for those not in KL.


Address:205 Jalan Bukit Bintang, KL

Telephone: 03 2142 2220

Website: http://www.spicegardenasia.net

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