Passage Thru India

by Michelle Whytcross 1 Mar 2012
Passage Thru India

It’s almost shameful that we have lived in Kuala Lumpur for over six years and had never eaten at Passage Thru India.

But we put that right recently on a night out with friends. We were greeted as soon as the car was parked, a helpful gentleman guiding us to the entrance, which was just as well as I’m not sure I’d have found it first time on my own.

As we entered, walking through an elaborately and brightly decorated walkway adorned with authentic Indian fabrics and hangings, my friend said, “Now you’ve come here, you’ll bring all your visitors when they next stay.”

She’s absolutely right, here is a restaurant perfect for entertaining and impressing friends and family. That isn’t just due to the furnishings and exposed brick walls covered with colourful art and prints, the most important part—the food—was just as exciting and satisfying.

We began with a selection of samosas, bhaji and fried vegetables with pappadums, eagerly scoffed off our banana leaf with rich chutneys and dips. The danger of filling up on starters before the main course was unavoidable and I had to admire the waiter who suggested we had ordered too much food for four people, even removing one of the rices we ordered and nearly falling out with my husband when he requested a garlic naan bread.

You should have seen his face when the waiter said, “Sir, that really is too much food.” I don’t think anyone has ever told him that before! Naturally, the men worked their way through a couple of buckets of beer (RM70 for five bottles being quite good value for a restaurant), which helped fuel the conversation and our opinion that the atmosphere and ambience here is close to perfect.

A band was playing nicely but unobtrusively in the corner as we worked our way through the curries and rice. My tikka massala was delicious, as was the vegetable curry and chicken jalfrezi.

Each were packed with spice and flavour, yet delicately balanced to ensure each ingredient retained its own identity and complemented the others. Sometimes I find Indian food at restaurants in Malaysia a little bland and compromised to save costs, but at Passage Thru India it was a refreshing treat that the meat was the better quality cut and the kitchen’s experience shone through in the finished dishes.

It turns out the waiter was absolutely right, we didn’t finish one of the bowls of rice we insisted on and there were remnants in a few of the curry dishes, plus half a naan remaining (my husband pushed at least half into his already over-full mouth on point of principle). Seems to me from start to finish, they really know what they’re doing at Passage Thru India.


Address:235 Jalan Tun Razak, 50400 KL

Telephone: 03 – 2145 0366


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