Indian Kitchen, Bangsar

by Ian Johnston 1 Mar 2011
Indian Kitchen, Bangsar

Indian Kitchen is unlike many Indian restaurants in KL. Sat in a row of terraced shops, bars and eateries on Jalan Telawi 3, it makes no grand song and dance about its curries, naans, lassies or indeed its setting.

It’s a humble place, accommodating a modest number of diners in a quiet, family-friendly environment. When it comes to food, however, Indian Kitchen could be forgiven for shouting out loud.
The menu is pretty big, covering everything you’d expect from meat and garlic-loaded breads to mild and spicy curries.

It’s with the list of appetisers, however, that you’ll get your first glimpse of the ability of the kitchen. Order the Mushroom 65—a bowl of delicate mushrooms battered and fried until crispy on the outside and moreishly moist on the inside. While the ketchup dip that accompanies the dish is a little crass, the mushrooms alone are excellent.

For the main course you’ll struggle to go wrong with the superbly creamy butter chicken masala. The meat is cooked in the tandoor before meeting the sauce, giving the curry a whole extra level of flavour. Mopped up with a thin, slightly charred butter or garlic naan, this is difficult to beat. But try the kitchen’s signatures as well.

The Chettinaad fish curry is a great contrast to the butter chicken with bolder flavours and textures. And although the fish itself was perhaps a touch too fishy, you can’t argue with the complexity of the curry itself. Or its ability to fill hungry stomachs.

By this stage you’ll be filling up, but don’t miss out on Indian Kitchen’s vegetable offerings. Though the palak paneer was disappointingly not available, the chickpea version of this dish—combined with cubes of cottage cheese in a spicy sauce—is a delicious accompaniment to most of the meat dishes.

All in, Indian Kitchen offers the level of food you’d expect from the big names on KL’s culinary map at better prices and in a more relaxed setting. For a good curry with good company, what more could you ask?


Address:15 Jalan Telawi 3, Bangsar Baru, 59100 KL

Telephone: 012 – 205 1400


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