Breakfast Thieves

by Karin Chan 19 Dec 2016
Breakfast Thieves

Here’s a hot tip for anyone hoping to get a seat at Breakfast Thieves; go on a weekday morning. Since its July launch, the sister café to the popular Melbourne original has already been causing a stir among the brunch crowd, with its made-for-Instagram dishes and airy wood-and-glass setting in APW Bangsar. Waiting times reach up to an hour and a half on weekends – and even though we arrive before 10am on a Friday morning, the café is already threequarters full.

Dining al fresco is quite pleasant in the morning when the heat is still manageable. As the name suggests, only breakfast – and quite recently, lunch – offerings are available on the small but ambitious menu. We settle on a handpressed orange juice and a hot chocolate to start; while the juice seems a tad diluted, the rich, comforting hot chocolate evokes memories of cold winter mornings in Melbourne.

Feeling adventurous, I decide on the Gypsy King, which features crisp polenta squares, flavoured with garlic and rosemary, beetroot and citrus cured salmon trout, cauliflower and parmesan puree, roasted oyster mushrooms, charred onions and two poached eggs. I’m not normally a fan of polenta, but here it tastes like crispy hash browns, which pair well with the briny salmon, savoury puree and avocado mousse. What impresses us is how no single ingredient hogs the limelight – the flavours and textures are equally balanced, harmonising deliciously together in our mouths.

My French Lady is by far one of the most photogenic menu entries - a riot of colours with perfume strawberry, salted dark chocolate soil, lemon curd, raspberry cream and mixed sesame shards, studded on top of a chunky slab of French toast with jam on the side. Be warned: this is one for the seriously sweet toothed. While the dish as a whole is sweetly indulgent, we do recommend scraping most of the curd and cream off for some control over sugar levels. If your friends want to steal some off your plate, let them; this is best enjoyed when shared.

By the end of the meal, Breakfast Thieves has stolen our hearts and secured a spot in our list of brunch places. We’re eager to sample their lunch fare sometime; that is, if we can sneak past the long lines!


Address:29-5 Jalan Riong, Bangsar Kuala Lumpur

Telephone: 03–2788 3548



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