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The New Traditional

by Aishah Azali 22 Apr 2016
The New Traditional

In the ‘spirit’-filled nightlife of Kuala Lumpur, there are mixologists and then there is Joshua Ivanovic. Though he’s great at pairing flavours and spirits behind the bar, nowadays the World Champion Mixologist has been consulting for drinking establishments like Tate at Intermark and The Vault at Hartamas.

1. This drink [Pan Americana] is actually one of my own. It’s an adaptation of a classic Manhattan which is and has always been one of my favourite cocktails. The main difference is obviously the use of rum instead of American whisky and then the addition of clove, cinnamon and black pepper-infused maple syrup. It’s a great digestive to pair with dark chocolate that has a high percentage of cocoa, say 70 per cent or above. Also delicious with a cigar.

2. Diplomatico Reserva Exclusiva is a great rum to use in this style of drink as it’s produced using both copper pot and column stills. Pot stills are commonly used when referring to what we call ‘sipping rums’. This is because they tend to produce a type of rum higher in esters. This is where you get a lot of the heavier, more robust and viscous flavours.

3. I like the stirry-stirry drinks. Manhattan, Martini and Boulavardier. I think these drinks emulate a feeling of ye olde days sat in a classic bar during the twilight hours, sipping on a wellmade Old Fashioned or Negroni.

4. My go-to drink? Either a classic Daiquiri or a Tommy’s Margarita. It’s simple, easy, timeless and delicious. You can rate a bartender on his Daiquiri, I believe.

5. When talking about this category of drinks served up using brown spirits, I find that unlike drinks stirred using gin or vodka, they take on favourable new characters when the temperature increases. This means you can really take your time with them and experience everything the drink has to offer.

6. There should be more rum in Malaysia. The category is the fastest-growing globally and deserves recognition. There is some absolutely amazing rum out there that we just can’t get our hands on here in Malaysia. Thankfully, the boys at Wholly Spirits are working on this one product at a time with the addition of El Dorado 12yr and 15yr, which any bartender in the know will tell you are in their top ten rums.

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