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Homecooked Food

by Theresa Shalini Stephen 9 Sep 2016
Homecooked Food

Jambo Africa

Born in Uganda, the beautiful Fatima Garelanabi is not only a wonderful cook, but also a singer and entrepreneur who loves her country and is proud to introduce its local cuisine to anyone interested. After completing her studies locally, Fatima opened up an online business selling African arts and crafts, Shortly after, she signed up with Plate Culture and, since then, has been hosting guests from countries all around the world such as Lithuania and Morocco.

Since she’s lived in both Uganda and Sudan, her dishes are inspired by both these countries. Some of her Uganda-origin dishes include Groundnut Stew, Millet and Mushroom Stew, Pilau Rice, Kachumbapi Salad and Steamed Sweet Potatoes. The Eggplant and Chick Pea Salad as well as the Foul and Pita Bread, on the other hand, are from Sudan. According to Fatima, East Africans don’t use a lot of chilli in their dishes; instead they use instant mixed spices like Royco. Also, most of the dishes are steamed or roasted, so expect to eat a wholesome and healthy meal while you’re at Fatima’s.

You might be surprised to find that most of her African ingredients can be found at Chow Kit market! However, the most authentic ingredients are brought in from Africa, such as the millet flower and mushrooms, which she saves for very special occasions.

Once you make your reservation to dine at Fatima’s, be prepared for an all-round authentic African dining experience, complete with African music and handmade millet baskets as table accessories. Be assured that this exotic dining experience will make you fall in love with Africa!

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Chicago Cooking

As a recent participant in the food sharing economy, Kyle Garrett Weber is an easygoing host who is willing to give you a good meal with a fantastic view. The magnificent window by the dining table means that guests will be privy to a stunning view of the city’s skyline and the symmetrical structures of the MRT tracks and highways as they dine.

How did an engineer who is passionate about solar energy become a chef who spends time in the kitchen, you ask? Well, Kyle’s mother contributed to that as he was growing up. He admitted to having an interest in cooking in his early years and since his mother always needed a helping hand in the kitchen, he gradually learnt the essentials of the culinary arts.

His skills were put to the test when he went abroad and began to crave some good old Chicago cuisine. Since the ingredients were readily available where he was, he learnt to whip up his home city’s famed Deep Dish Chicago-Style Pizza and what started off as a simple meal to satisfy his cravings soon became something he wanted to share with others.

One of Chicago’s most iconic dishes, the Italian-inspired pizza is truly one-of-a-kind. A generous amount of cheese is placed over the crust, then the sauces are piled over the cheese and because it’s baked in a deep dish, it becomes a perfect marriage between a pie and a pizza! We were also served with a scrumptious Caesar Salad and Minestrone Soup.

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Chicago Style Breakfast and Deep Dish Pizza Experience
Taman Tun Dr. Ismail


Gastronomical Gujarat

Indian restaurants are easy to come by here in Malaysia but authentic Gujarati cuisine is more difficult to find. Thankfully, Seema Vijay Jhaveri comes to the rescue with her gracious home-cooked meals that’ll appease the appetites of any Gujaratis living away from home in Malaysia. In fact, even non-Gujaratis also come by to enjoy her vegetarian food.

The idea of opening up her home to strangers wasn’t something she was comfortable with initially. It was her daughter’s friend who encouraged her to give it a try. She has never looked back and now regularly entertains expat and local guests when the occasion calls for it.

She didn’t have the opportunity to learn much in the kitchen while growing up as she was the last-born child in the family. It was only after getting married and having her sister-in-law become her cooking mentor that she was encouraged to practice cooking. Seema also claims that so long as her husband says her cooking is good, she’s satisfied with her work!

At her home, we were served with Dabeli, an Indian snack known in Gujarat consisting of burger buns with boiled potatoes, dabeli masala and pomegranate seeds tucked between them. These are usually had with tamarind, garlic or green chilli chutneys depending on what flavours you prefer. We were also served Khaman, a snack made from soaked and ground gram flour. Seema is most proud of her personal creation, the Panir Hussaini, a dish of rice and spinach that also went very well with her various chutneys.

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Spices and Flavours & Vegetarian Cooking Class
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Spices Of Sri Lanka

Banana leaf rice is a common delicacy here in Malaysia, but have you heard of Lumprais? It’s a Sri Lankan Dutch cuisine consisting of rice, meat curry, brinjal, seeni sambol and fish cutlet that’s wrapped in a banana leaf and left to bake in the oven or steamed over the fire.

Try out the dish for yourself by booking an appointment with Dilrukshi Gunawardana. A sweet lady with a contagious smile, Dilrukshi is a generous host that’ll make you fall in love with Sri Lankan cuisine. Her home also has a little garden with a table where she entertains guests who’d like to have a candlelight dinner outdoors.

Dilrukshi believes in cooking her dishes with the most authentic ingredients from her home country. The key ingredient that makes her cooking authentic is Sri Lankan cinnamon. Her dishes simply cannot be made using the regular curry packets found in supermarkets here.

While her speciality is Lumprais, which she cooks with brinjal sambal, chicken, plantain curry, seeni sambol and boiled fried egg (yes, you read that right) together with fish cutlets. She served us a snack of freshly fried fish cutlets on their own to whet our appetite. After sampling her food, we were convinced that Dilrukshi takes her Sri Lankan cooking very seriously and uses only the best of ingredients.

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Lili’s Sri Lankan Kitchen

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