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Happy Shopping With Honestbee

by Karin Chan 28 Feb 2017
Happy Shopping With Honestbee

Need to go grocery shopping but can’t find the time? Don’t like carrying heavy grocery bags up and down public transport? Get honestbee, Asia’s fastest-growing online grocery concierge and delivery service, to do it for you instead.

Just visit the honestbee website above or download the honestbee app, available at the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store, to begin your purchase. Sign up and set your delivery address, then click on any of the partner outlets and start shopping!

Once you’ve chosen what you want, clicked checkout and paid, your in-store concierge bee will whirr into action. They’ll buzz around selecting and purchasing your groceries, and then deliver them to your doorstep. Don’t worry, they’re trained to pick the good stuff! Delivery times are estimated to range within one to two hours, depending on traffic.

Partner stores currently include Ben’s Independent Grocer (B.I.G), Shojikiya,, Cat & The Fiddle, Southern Rock Seafood, La Juiceria, Wondermilk, Wine Connection, GNC, Jezripe and more.

To celebrate their entry into Malaysia, they’re also offering RM1 delivery with no minimum purchase from all stores from 1-14 March this year! So if you want to check them out, that’s the best time to do it.

Cool features:

- Clicking on an item will show you whether the price is same as in-store or whether it’s on sale. You’ll also see other suggested items you might need underneath the item you clicked on.

- You can combine purchases from different stores into a single order.

- You can add instructions at checkout under a particular item, for instance: if you want really ripe bananas to make a banana cake, you can instruct your shopper bee to look out for very ripe bananas.

- The earliest delivery time is listed under the shop’s name at the top of the screen.

- You get free delivery with a minimum spend, which varies according to each shop.

- The shopper bee will contact you to ask you for a substitute if an item is out of stock, or they can recommend one. If they can’t contact you, they won’t buy the item.

- You only pay after the order is delivered, so the bill can be adjusted for out of stock items, substitutes and so on.

- Prices will reflect any promotions on items in-store. If they aren’t, you can file a claim via the Contact Us form and honestbee will pay the difference.


- Choosing to buy from a single store is more cost-effective than purchasing from multiple stores, because your delivery and concierge fee will increase with the addition of each new store.

- If you can afford to wait to buy in bulk, you might be able to save a few ringgit on delivery fees!

- Choose your delivery time carefully (at checkout) as peak times will incur extra charges.

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