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Passing On The Passion: A Tribute To Teachers

by Anis Taufik 1 Nov 2013

The school bell rings, marking the end of class. The students get up, laughing and chatting excitedly amongst each other as they exit the classroom. As the last of them leave, the teacher returns to her desk and surveys the pile of reports and assignments waiting to be marked. She pauses for a moment, glancing at the red apple she had packed as a snack earlier that day, before reminding herself that there is work to be done. For a split second, her mind runs through various tasks and responsibilities, such as planning next week’s field trip, coming up with a curriculum for the new term, and preparing reports for parents.

A sigh almost escapes her lips; a teacher’s work is never done, even though the bell may have rung, when she muses—I’m here to pass on the passion. Her lips form into a content, warm smile.

How typical is the scenario above? Key players of the education field, teachers have often remained the unsung, unrecognized heroes of today’s school systems. In this feature, we talk to five expatriate school teachers from various international schools in Malaysia to find out what they love the most about their jobs, how they find inspiration and why they are, who they are—teachers.


Abdullah Serdar Sakman
Head of Secondary,
Time International School


Ian Deeth
Head of Primary Physical Education,
Garden International School


Abby Brewer
English and Mathematics Teacher,
The International School of (Penang) Uplands


Anoop Rai
Year 10 Coordinator,
elc International School


Richard Lambros
Key Stage 4 Coordinator,
The International School @ ParkCity

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