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Edutainment Centres

by Suzanne Ong & Karin Chan 10 Oct 2016
Edutainment Centres

Bring On The Periodic Table
There’s more to science than studying the rate of plant photosynthesis - just ask Petrosains and the Science Bridge Academy! Both centres have incorporated scientific concepts and theories into fun exhibits and activities, turning abstract ideas into colourful, concrete examples that are bound to pique the interest of budding young scientists.

Petrosains provides hands-on interactive experiences for all ages, starting with the Dark Ride, an audiovisual presentation-turned-ride in an ‘oil drop’ car to the heart of the centre. Then start on the exhibitions by pretending to be an astronaut at Space, sing along with dinosaurs at the Geotime Diorama, explore a model of a real offshore oil platform and race your friends in a Formula One simulator at the SPEED gallery.

Also worth a visit is the Science Bridge Academy at Jaya One, which espouses the virtues of experiential and thematic learning for primary and secondary school students. The Academy is the first to bring its renowned Life Sciences programmes to Malaysia from Singapore, which have been running since 2002 and whose subjects include Forensic Science, Food Science, Environmental Science and Aroma Chemistry. You’ll also find Supplementary Science Classes and Science Camps here too.


The Technical Side Of Things
Are you and your kids fascinated by how things work? Do you find them taking apart their toys to see what makes them tick? If LEGO Robotics sets tend to be the only things they want for Christmas, then there’ll a good chance that they’ll love a day out at Flight Experience or the Little BotzTM Academy.

At Flight Experience, you get to the captain of the world’s most popular jet airliner – the Boeing 737. Even though it’s just a simulator, you’ll feel like you’re flying the real thing as you’ll be doing everything from taking off to landing and choosing from over 24,000 airports to test your skills at. For the younger crew members, their Flying Start school excursion allows kids to take over the captain’s seat with added educational activities and aviation-related games conducted by professional pilots.

On the robotics and technology side, the Little BotzTM Academy works closely with the University of Malaya Research Centre to bring you a cutting-edge learning experience. Here, you can learn to build Lego Technic models, create your own games and interactive art and even participate in a battle bot competition! Their flagship offering of the Mini Botz Development Programme gives kids aged seven and above full access to the Inno-Tech Gym and two Tech Classes of your choice.


Creative Pursuits
Of course, the finer arts have a lot to teach us as well, so they shouldn’t be neglected. Activities like cooking, painting, drawing, singing and more are great for recreation and they can help both children and adults develop their problem solving and soft skills - as Smart Junior Chef and The Studio At KL know.

Kids aged four and above can learn cooking basics at Smart Junior Chef, where courses are categorised by Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced levels. Your children will be taught all the necessary cooking techniques, proper food handling and preparation, as well as kitchen safety - but they’ll still get the chance to flex their culinary creativity under adult supervision, so just sit back and watch your kid become the next Jamie Oliver. Now homemade breakfasts will be a thing to look forward to!

The Studio At KL is called the ‘Home of Art Jamming’ for a good reason; its three-hour ‘Art Jamming’ sessions for adults (kids can have a 90-minute Art Jamming birthday party) allow you to let loose with a paintbrush in a relaxed environment. They’ll supply you with all the materials and give you initial guidance, then you’re left to just...paint with all the colours of the wind, if you like! Regular art classes are also available, where they introduce you to different mediums and styles of art at varying skill levels.

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