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A Tribute To Teachers: Ian Deeth

by Anis Taufik 1 Nov 2013
A Tribute To Teachers: Ian Deeth

Ian Deeth
Head of Primary Physical Education,
Garden International School

Ian Deeth is a man on a mission. Hardly missing a beat, he kicks things off by explaining that as Head of Primary Physical Education (PE) at Garden International School (GIS), he is in charge of leading a team of five PE teachers tasked with delivering a varied curriculum of programmes such as swimming, gymnastics, and even dancing, to the 1,000 children enrolled at GIS’s primary school.

Ian emphasises that the aim of his department is to encourage children to develop a love for PE as a highlight of their day, possibly as something that they’d want to do beyond their junior years by installing a life-long love for and enjoyment of physical activities and sports. Admitting that the position came with a host of other responsibilities as well, he shares conspirationally that the “fun part of the job is being with the children and the one-on-one time of delivering PE lessons.” With his easy smile and earnest approach, it’s not hard to imagine him working with school children, shouting words of encouragement and guiding them through PE drills.

When asked how his team kept things current and came up with interesting lessons for the student body, Ian highlights that regular pupil conferencing sessions are conducted to find out what the students enjoy and gather suggestions or feedback to improve PE lessons. Describing these pupil conferencing sessions as an essential tool in enhancing their programme, Ian acknowledges that they are necessary to keep high-energy students between the ages of 5 to 11 engaged and focused.

Ian’s journey of becoming a teacher is almost as colourful as himself. After completing a degree in Sports Science, he had trained for two years to become a professional athlete. Although he had his share of success (including representing Great Britain and Scotland in a few international track and field championships), in his words, “I didn’t really get to the level where I could make a full time living out of it.” Reflecting on his time spent as a coach those days, he decided to take matters into his own hands by pursuing a teaching career. Citing that he had been fortunate to have inspiring teachers and coaches guiding him in the past, he had felt that it was time for him to give back too.

Ian hopes that from their time together, his students will walk away with a long-lasting passion for sports and physical activity as ultimately, “if you’re not fit, if you’re not healthy, then you’re not able to carry out your everyday tasks to the best of your ability.”

Garden International School
16, Jalan Kiara 3,
Off Jalan Bukit Kiara, KL
Tel: 03–6209 6888

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