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Social Science Day at Elc

by The EL Team 4 Jul 2013
Social Science Day at Elc

Until now, time travel was believed to be impossible. However, this all changed on Social Science Day as teachers and students at Elc International School were able to take a journey back into the past and visit four unique periods in history, rebuilt and reenacted by our creative and dynamic students. Hair truly stood on the back of their necks as teachers were transported by the Yellow House team via train to a Nazi concentration camp, and then given a tour by the SS.

Just a few meters away, a Minotaur awaited guests as they made their way through Ancient Greece stopping to experience its many achievements—all the work of Blue House. The screams of a sacred sacrifice could be heard by those who dared to visit the Red House museum and talk to Aztec tribes who wandered about the school sharing their experiences and beliefs. A trip down the Nile took you to Green House and their voyage into the heart and soul of Egypt. It was a truly successful day that provided the platform for the innovation, leadership, and teamwork of students at Elc.


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