Initially conceptualised as “a nice place to entertain friends that is good yet affordable”, Skillet@163 has instead become one of the hottest new eateries in town with a winning combination of an airy, modern setting coupled with no-holds-barred European-style cuisine with Asian twists. Helmed by Chef Raymond Tham, the kitchen continually produces inventive dishes whose stunning presentations have adorned many an Instagram feed nationwide.

Branding itself as a “cuisine-agnostic restaurant”, the team at Skillet@163 enjoys being freely creative with their food, often mixing the use of modern techniques such as spherification and foams, with diverse seasonal ingredients that run the gamut of East to West. Liquid nitrogen is a common feature in many desserts, with some even prepared at the table itself for maximum theatrical effect. Complemented by a respectable drink selection, which includes unusual signature cocktails, it is no wonder this rising star won your votes for the Best Independent Restaurant category.

163 Fraser Place,
10 Jalan Perak,
Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03–2181 2426

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