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Casa Del Mar Langkawi


Activities here make the most of Langkawi’s natural beauty with the resort offering island hopping and speedboat tour packages.

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Hibiscus Villa Borneo

Hibiscus Villa Borneo offers an exotic experience for those seeking to stay in a secluded villa in a coconut plantation.

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Riders Lodge Resort Malaysia

The Riders Lodge Resort Malaysia is a manor-like residence that offers 25 rooms – Manor Suites and Verandah Rooms – which are perfect for country lovers.

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23 Lovelane Hotel

23 Lovelane Hotel holds five different architectural periods and was originally a private residence owned by a European and later by a resident family.

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Bon Ton Resort Langkawi

Tucked away on the island of Langkawi is the unique Bon Ton Resort Langkawi, a hotel consisting of eight restored traditional Malay kampung houses designed to look unique and unlike each other.

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