by The Expatriate Lifestyle Editorial Team 3 Jun 2013


Malaysia is world-renowned for its incredible spa culture and the various day spas and treatment centres dotted in malls, hotels and across the country. The multitude of superb choices is both a blessing (for obvious reasons) and a curse—as it can be very difficult to decide on choosing the right centre and then, once there, deciding on the right package or treatment to suit your needs.

Among the high-end spas in Malaysia, there is not a huge amount to distinguish; all offer excellent quality service. The most important factor is to find a spa where you are able to feel relaxed and refreshed.

To ensure the best experience you need to find a spa that understands your needs and who can communicate clearly with you. In the midst of choosing between resort or day spa, hotel spa or countryside spa, facials or massage, balneo or skin scrub, something as basic as communication can be overlooked, but for experienced spa-goers, it is the most important factor in the whole experience.

Although having clean, well-maintained premises with good upkeep and good quality equipment runs a close second.

In addition to the guests who can attend at their leisure, hotel resort spas are a fantastic place for the business traveller to unwind while away from home. They can also offer guests ‘a la carte’ treatments in the comfort of your own room, just like ordering your dinner from room service.

Some forms of massage you really should try while in Malaysia include the face massage, the ubiquitous foot massage, the invigorating hot stone massage and, if you’re feeling brave, the Thai massage. Or why not indulge in a therapeutic bath massage? There is a wide variety to choose from. Hot tubs, mud baths, saunas and steam rooms, all aimed at cleansing the grime and reinvigorating your skin.

Spas aren’t just about getting prodded and poked around. At some centres you can get nutrition counseling, weight loss advice, medical treatment, fitness consultation, yoga classes, reflexology, nail care, or even cooking lessons.

Consider a trip to a spa your own personal escape from the heat and humidity of KL. It is a chance to fully unwind and go on a refreshing journey of renewal. Spa treatment is truly a holiday for your senses.

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