Hair and Beauty

by The Expatriate Lifestyle Editorial Team 3 Jun 2013
Hair and Beauty

You’ve done it, you got here, you’re getting properly settled in, the furniture has arrived, the job is ticking along.

But lo and behold, there is life to deal with and that’s a lot to navigate on a daily basis. Reliable dry cleaners that won’t destroy your suits, vets to keep Scrappy up to snuff and a load of things that need to be bought. It’s all pretty overwhelming and we’re not even talking about having a good time yet.

So—in the spirit of fighting such mighty battles of the daily grind—we’ve thrown ourselves into sourcing a plethora of different shops, services, entertainment possibilities and as many things that we feel will make your life more comfortable and easy.

Sometimes it’s a complete resource, sometimes top picks and as always, tips so you can get the most out of the experience of living in Malaysia and finding out the fantastic life that you as an expatriate can experience.


There’s a great selection of hairdressers, products and other services in Malaysia to keep you beautiful. There are some inexpensive places to get your haircut (you can pay RM20 for a cut) at a mid-range salon but you can go up to RM500 for a cut at one of the top-end salons.

Having said that, even at that price, you’re getting a cut that would cost you three times that amount in any Western city so value for money, these high-end salons deliver.

If you have curly or afro hair then you know what’s coming. It’s maybe best to get a western hairdresser to do the cut. It’s not that Asian hairdressers aren’t competent, they are, but it’s just that many don’t get the same amount of practice on such hair as they need.

So if your hair has such special needs, consider someone like Matt Mack at the Belfry Salon, Calvin at Eco Hair, Edwin Saw’s Saw Hair Salon and Winnie Loo’s A Cut Above.

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