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Pets and Vets

by The Expatriate Lifestyle Editorial Team 3 Jun 2013
Pets and Vets


Bringing animals into Malaysia isn’t as restrictive as say, Australia, but there are certain barriers that need to be understood. Firstly, when it comes to dogs, only certain breeds are allowed into the country and other breeds have restrictions.

And further, exotic breeds are subject to tight regulations under the CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Fauna and Flora). Check the Malaysia Veterinary website (see box) for a list. Owners should know that their pets should be at least three months in age and that most apartments do not accommodate animals. It’s advised that before you place any deposits or make any commitments on housing you find out the policy regarding pets.

After all this keep in mind that tropical climates are quite difficult for animals; if you’re only here for a short posting it may be best to leave the animal with a friend or family. The minimum quarantine time is two weeks and may, at the discretion of the officer, go longer. And if you don’t have a pet but would love one and are willing to take it with you when you leave? Then try the SPCA, they’ll absolutely sort you out.

As for vets, there are a number of good ones, trained in the latest techniques and procedures. As of writing there are no dog walkers but kennels do offer a service where they come and take your dog for jaunts. Pet groomers are on the rise, most neighbourhoods will have one and shops like Pet World and others offer all the toys, food and medicines to keep your furry, feathered or fishy family member happy and in the pink.

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