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Relocation Companies

by The Expatriate Lifestyle Editorial Team 2 Jun 2013
Relocation Companies

A reassuring number of quality relocation companies operate in Malaysia and internationally. Providing packing, transport, storage and delivery services, the companies can ease the strain on a potentially stressful ordeal (moving home is always a large upheaval; moving across borders and seas, even more so).

Good relocation companies will sort the finer details for you and can offer advice and support to ensure that personal and homely belongings arrive at your new home as swiftly, safely and smoothly as possible.

In terms of transport, you’re faced with two realistic options: air or sea freight. Whilst air freight is undoubtedly the quicker option, it’s only really advised for essential items that will be needed as soon as you arrive as rates are significantly higher than sea freight. The latter option therefore, though a slower service, is considerably cheaper and is advised for less essential items.

Typically, and all told, air freight will take roughly one or two weeks, door to door, whilst transport by sea will take upwards of one month.

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