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Education is a big consideration for expatriate families. Parents must be sure that the new system can cater academically and socially.


Doing business anywhere in the world demands one thing—common sense, but be aware, business tactics vary from country to country.

Essential Documents

All visitors to Malaysia must be in possession of legitimate documents such as a passport or similarly recognised document.

Getting Around

Exactly how to get around is an immediate conundrum facing all newcomers to Malaysia.

An Interview with John Campbell Tupling

The former CEO of CIMB-Principal Asset Management shares his experience with TalentCorp and similarities between Canada and Malaysia.

An Interview with Akira Miyama

The Executive Director and Head of Group Japanese Business of RHB Bank Berhad, talks about being an expatriate in Malaysia for over 10 years.


Alternative Curriculum

Most international schools in Malaysia follow a British, American or Australian curriculum. We take a look at alternative curriculum and the schools that offer them.

Music Education

There is a real sense of individual accomplishment to be gained from climbing the rungs of the music grades. Rohan Yung explores the increasing opportunities for children to get involved in musical ensembles here in Malaysia.

Reading At An Early Age

There are so many moving parts that contribute to the development of literacy at the preschool level. Education expert Rohan Yung explores the various approaches and how preschools are prioritising.

Edutainment Centres

Books are excellent sources of knowledge, but there are plenty of other ways to Edutainment centres combine the best of education and entertainment for a fun-guaranteed learning experience. Here are our picks for you and your little ones.

Homes & Property

Buying Property

Given the favourable housing market in Malaysia, it comes as little surprise that more expatriates are making their second home here.

Renting Property

The majority of expatriates in Malaysia decide to rent a property for the duration of their time spent here.

Residential Areas

Bordering the very centre of Kuala Lumpur is the Golden Triangle; the centre for commerce, entertainment and residential developments.

Types of Property

Following the adrenaline-fuelled buzz of departure, flight and arrival, making your new base feel like home is undeniably difficult.


Bombay Palace

Bombay Palace presents regal dining at its best, with dishes such as tandoori and murgh tikka masala sure to tease your tastebuds for more.


Located in the heart of KL, Zouk houses 6 differently themed rooms to meet the needs of all ranges of club goers.

Qureshi Restaurant

Dine on unique Awadhi cuisine at this underrated restaurant where you'll be waited on like royalty and the food will keep you coming back for more.

Bridge Bar

With its sweeping panoramic views of KL’s sparkling city lights, GTower’s in-house bar offers an after-hours experience like few others.