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We've been around for long enough (since 2003, to be exact!) to know what our readers want. For the newly arrived expat, we provide the essential information to help them navigate daily life and settle in effortlessly. For those who have been here a while and already know their way around, we provide information on relevant topics including the latest events, travel, education, food and health.

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Caramella Scarpa, Editor-in-Chief
Being the only person born in the early 70s, Caramella finds herself outnumbered by millennials. A voracious reader of books, Buzzfeed quiz devotee, pun fan and social media exile, she also likes to travel (preferably of the luxurious kind). She still likes to write after all these years, which says something for her tenacity, and of course she lives to eat.

Avinash Sagran, Associate Editor
Avinash enjoys studying people, real or imaginary. He finds the human spirit fascinating, which he explored through his Masters in Philosophy. He has an immense interest in nature, culture and travel.  He also dreams of hitting aces like Serena Williams but is content with acing mealtimes for now.

Nor Hamimah Abdullah, Art Director
The easygoing, down-to-earth Mima likes to help people and is quite tolerant of others. Career-wise, however, she aims high and dreams of winning awards to prove that she belongs with the best. She keeps an open mind and is always willing to hear out any suggestions on her work as long as they get the job done well. Coffee is her vice and she can't live a day without it. She'd love to travel more, too!

Karin Chan, Senior Writer
A dreamer by nature, Karin often gets lost in her head. The only music she listens to while writing are 90s boy band pop songs, which remind her of her childhood. She's wanted to be a writer ever since she created a story in kindergarten about spotting an ant on the sidewalk and moving to Australia. She's always looking for new ways to improve her storytelling, to make words come alive on the page.

Theresa Shalini Stephen, Writer
When Theresa isn't enjoying her food over lunch or dinner, she'll either be plotting her next meal or binging on cereal at all other times of the day. It shouldn't come as a surprise, then, that she takes on most of the food articles for Expatriate Lifestyle. She loves catching up with friends and planning trips to a new country every year.

Tania Jayatilaka, Writer
After a stint in newspaper journalism, Tania set her sights on freelance lifestyle writing for a while before stumbling into a full-time job writing for Expatriate Lifestyle. Her inspiration comes from long, music-fuelled road trips and meeting new people. She's been accused of being long-winded and making atrocious 'spelng misteaks' on more than one occasion, but in all other respects is quite harmless.


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